Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekly Lesson 002, 12.08.2008 "Bebidas"

Bebidas [be BEE dahs] "drinks," includes all types of consumable liquids; bebido/a is the past participle of beber (v. "to drink"), and literally means "drunken" in the sense of "that which is drunken."

Beber [be BEAR] is used to describe a more qualitative essence than the mere fact of drinking, and rare as a verb except when used emphatically. It can be used to describe social situations and functions involving alcohol, usually connoting something positive.

On the other hand, tomar [to MAR] (v. "to take, consume [a liquid]"), is more factual/administrative, and thus more common when referring to drinking, even though it has other uses. It can also refer to social drinking and the like, though it has a more neutral sense.

Finally, tragar [trah GAR] (v. "to swallow") does not directly refer to drinking; however, trago ("alcoholic drinks, licquor" literally "swallowed") can be used with verbs to talk about drinking, but sometimes has a negative connotation.


El termino su bebida.
He finished his drink.

Que estas tomando/bebiendo?
What are you drinking?

Debes tomar tu medicina.
You ought to take your medicine

Le encanta el trago!
He loves [to drink] alcohol!
(literally "Drinking is pleasing to him")

Ella trago el veneno.
She swallowed the poison.

Jugo (de ______) [hu GO] - "_____ juice"
Leche [LE CHE] - "milk"
Café [ka FE] - "coffee"
[TE] - "tea"
Agua [ah GWAH] - "water"
Cola [CO la] - "soda" (not just caffeinated ones)
Vino [VEE no] - "wine"
Limonada [lee mo NAH dah] - "lemonade" (in Spanish, limon refers to both "limes" and "lemons")

Note on Pronunciation:
The "o" is always pronounced like the long "o" in English, only it is much shorter, lacking the roundness or "w" effect used in English (listen to what your mouth does at the end of "low"). Remember the difference between the Spanish and English "e;" actually, the "e" sound in "bear" is pretty close to that in Spanish.

Assignments (Deberes):
Say what you drank today. Say where and when you did so. Say what other people drank. Write all these down, and then read them aloud.

Cuida te! Take Care!

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