Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily Vocabulary 001-1, 12.03.2008 "Deberes"

Today's vocubulary is about deberes "homework," in somewhat of a academic sense.

deberes [deh BEH res] - "homework"
tarea [ta REH ah] - "task, homework"

problema [pro BLEM ah] - "problem"
pregunta [preh GOON tah] - "question"
repuesta [reh PWEHSS tah] - "response, answer"
soluciĆ³n [SO loo see ON] - "solution, answer"

calcular [pro BLEM ah] - v. "calculate"
responder [pro BLEM ah] - v. "respond, answer"
estudiar [pro BLEM ah] - v. "study"

proyecto [pro YEC toh] - "project"
reporte [re POR teh] - "report"
repaso [re PAHSS o] - "review"
examen [ex AH men] - "test, exam"


Christina calcula la problema y responde su repuesta.
Christiana calulates the problem and gives her answer.

Debes estudiar para tu examen.
You should study for your test.

La tarea tiene diez preguntas.
The assignment has ten questions.

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