Monday, December 1, 2008

Introduction / Introdución

Welcome / Bien Venidos!

Canela Ahoritita! is an online blog, dedicated to teaching the Spanish Language. Though the blog is obviously in a static, written format, the posts are meant to be as interactive as possible, including Pronunciations, Dialogue, and Translations. Though memorization of grammatical constructions often aides and is emphasized when learning a new language, this blog does not intend to focus too much on detailed grammar, though when it is important, any grammatical rules will be explained. Instead, Canela Ahoritita! attempts to cater to a more casual approach, emphasizing practicing speaking and writing, and learning from mistakes as you go along.

The posts on this blogs have one of two formats: (1) Weekly Lesson and (2) Daily Vocabulary. All Spanish text is presented in bold; new vocabulary is accompanied by pronunciations in [BRAK ets] and translations in "quotations; examples are translated into English using italics.

Weekly Lesson
These lessons are posted on Monday afternoons EST. They are usually focussed around different commucative or special topics such as "Saying Hello" or "Going to the Beach." These posts include and suggest hefty, written and oral assignments (details below). The lessons introduce and go over different aspects of the topic, which include Pronunciations, Dialogue, Translations, Notes on Usage, and some Grammar. They are meant to read out loud, and prefferably gone over more than once.

Daily Vocabulary
These are posted throughout the week, Tuesday through Friday (not every day, but at least twice a week). For the most part, they are meant to supplement the Lesson of the Week. They may also, include Useful Phrases or Idiomatic Expressions. Sometimes smaller assignments are suggested along with these postings.

The assignment's are meant for the Spanish student to practice what she/he has learned, in order to further instill the lesson. It is the belief of this blogger, that the only way to learn is to PRACTICE!

The assignments are best when reviewedr and corrected by someone with decent experience with the language. Though it is not the focus of this blog to do so, you can email canel.ahoritita AT gmail DOT com. I'll be glad to work out an simple monetary arrangement with you, preferably per week or assignment.

More Format, Blog Navigation and Usage Info
For the most part, the topics are not presented in any hierarchal order, i.e. the lessons are not meant to build on each other. This is so anyone who starts reading the blog can start where ever they like. However, the blog is updated, obviously, linearly with time. An advantage of that is if I want to refer to something already covered, I can link back to it, so as to be efficient. Though it is also possible for the site to update older posts by linking to relevant newer posts, that is most likely going to be reserved for the most obvious of links. As all blogs hosted by Blogger, the posts are completely searchable, by Lesson or Vocabulary, and by topics included in the keywords.

For the time being I do allow comments, and though I don't suspect anyone will abuse that, they do see it as a possibility. Feel free to ask questions about the topic presented there, to which I'll respond with comment as well.

Though there is an official Spanish Language, there are several ways to express oneself in Spanish, as it is the third most popular language in the world by speakers. Though a credible source for instruction in Spanish, Canela Ahoritita, through the lessons presented in this blog, is not responsible for any misuse or misunderstanding of the Spanish language.