Friday, December 5, 2008

Daily Vocabulary 001-2, 12.05.2008 "Cosas Importantes"

In parallel with this week's lesson on debes, and things you might suggest someone to do, today's vocabulary is about Cosas Importantes, or "important things" which you might suggest someone to do.

ir [EER] - v. "to go"
venir [ben EER] - v. "to go"

empezar [em pess AR] v. "to begin"
terminar [tair mee NAR] - v. "to finish"

levantar (se) [LE van tar (SE)] - v. "to get up, get out of bed" (literally "to lift oneself")
despertar [des per TAR] - v. "to awake"
dormir [ben EER] - v. "to sleep"

tratar (algo) [ben EER] - v. "try (something)"
tratar de (hacer algo) [ben EER] - v. "to try to (do something)"

comer [co MAIR] - v. "to eat"
ayudar [AH yu DAR] - v. "to help"


Debes ir al mercado
You should go to the grocery store.

Debes venir a visitar me.
You should come to visit me.

Marco empiesa su deberes.
Marco began his homework.

Julia trata de ayudar su amiga.
Julia tries to help her friend.

Vamos a comer.
[We] are going to eat.

Review this week's lesson.

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